Ханко (Hanko) Финляндия


Ханко (Hanko)

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Самый южный город страны.

По шведски город называется Хангё.

Место отдыха русских дворян, царей, богемы.

Виллы у санатория Ханко

Сохранилась старая крепость-музей.

Фронтовой музей

В первое воскресенье июля проходит лодочная регата.

Крупнейший в Финляндии гостевой Восточный порт

Spa-парк с изящными виллами

Смотровая водонапорная башня

Маяк Бенгшер

Наскальные рисунки в Хауенсуоли




Городское туристическое агенство Ханко

Raatihuoneentori 5, FIN-10900 Hanko


Hanko, the southernmost town in Finland, faces the sea on the south, the west and the north. In summertime, Hanko is one of the premier seaside resorts of the country and prides itself on the scope and scale of its events and activities. The Hanko Regatta, as well as the biggest beach volley event in Finland, "Hanko Beach Volley" are some of the traditional events, and year 2006 is celebrated as the "Year of Sailing". The Sunny South of Finland presents you with natural beauty and peace, action and excitement, adventure and sport, and opportunities for romantic evenings in the picturesque seaside restaurants - the skyґs the limit!


The “Eastern Harbour” in Hanko, Finlandґs largest guest harbour, is where it all happens during the light and balmy summer months. The evening market with its colourful atmosphere and program is surely worth a visit. Take a cruise from the harbour and discover the scenic archipelago. All along the foreshore are the cafйs and restaurants offering unforgettable tasty meals and a vibrant nightlife.


When the summer turns into autumn, Hanko is a good choice for nature lovers. Or try your luck and test the fishing or hunting grounds around Hanko. There are also great possibilities to go windsurfing, birdwatching or berrypicking in Hanko. Cosy cafйs invite you for a cup of hot coffee while the waves break against the dark rocks during a deafening storm.


In the winter Hanko is a truly refreshing place for mind and body. The period between summer seasons is a marvellous time to enjoy the peace of nature. Since Hanko is situated by the sea, the town offers a breathtakingly beautiful scenery even in winter, a calm that sometimes makes you stop and explore your inner self. Hiking and skiing are popular activities as well as skating on the Baltic ice in the archipelago on the northern side of the town. After a short winter, spring is spectacular in Hanko. The ice-free sea and early migratory birds bring a loud message of the new summer season, while the rest of Finland is still hibernating.

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